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JP Service

Hawick Qian JP is pleased to offer services for witnessing signatures on documents, certifying copies of documents (including email attachments and phone messages), taking oaths, declarations, affidavits, or affirmations, and confirming identity.

Appointments are welcome.


How much does it cost to visit a Justice of the Peace?

Justice of the Peace Services are free.  JP's are not paid and are volunteers.


Can I bring someone else's passport to be certified?

Yes, if it is only for a certified copy.  If it is required to prove the person's identity then they must present their documents in person.


Do I have to make an appointment?

Please phone individual JPs to make an appointment.  There is no appointment required for Service Desks.


Can I have my document certified via video link?

Please discuss this with the Justice of the Peace.


Can a Justice of the Peace sign my document?

Please check that with the agency RECEIVING the document.  If it is an overseas document, a New Zealand Justice of the Peace may not be the best person to witness it.


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